Friday, September 8, 2017

Fiction Friday - TitanLil - the broken remnants of Titanium Lilly

TitanLil (formerly Titanium Lilly)

Terrible things can happen to even the most stalwart mind after being held prisoner for a year by a psychotic torturer who revels in forcing his victims to consume their own flesh in order to avoid worse torments.

It would be unkind and wrong to describe Lilly's mind as merely "damaged." What's left today is definitely cunning, and cruel, but more alien than human.

(see also this post for my speculation on this freaky-ass image)

TitanLil - Villains & Vigilantes

Strength 24, Endurance 33, Intelligence 15, Agility 13, Charisma 11, 120 lbs., level 6

Basic Hits 3; Hit Mod. (2.0) (4.2) (1.2) (1.3) = 13.104; Hit Points 39; Power 85; Move 70" ground; Accuracy +1; Damage Mod. +1; Heal 3.0; Detect Hidden 8%; Detect Danger 12%; Carrying Capacity 1027 lbs.; Basic HTH 1d10

Metal Summoning (Ice Powers) (x2): Identical to Ice Powers, but material does not "melt"; instead it persists automatically for E turns (PR=5, no action, to buy another E turns). The metal encasing a target does damage per turn by weight, crushing pressure (being too tight and constrictive) and spikes/rough edges on the interior.
She has trained and reduced the PR cost of this power to PR=3 per use (and PR=3 for maintenance).

Heightened Endurance B: +20

Heightened Senses: Just as she can see light, she can automatically detect all ferrous metals, quantity and type, within C/3 inches (round up). She only has to pay attention and she knows.

Heightened Strength A: +10

Magnetic Powers: She has trained and reduced the PR cost of this power to PR=3 per use (and PR=3 for maintenance).

Sidekick: An apparently normal 14 year-old boy named Yun.  How he got connected to TitanLil has not been revealed. Their relationship is weird, and dynamic, but he appears to worship her, even as he is terrified of her.  He is definitely her servant, and he usually correctly interprets her wishes. He helps her dress, bathe, and acts as her mouthpiece, speaking because she doesn't.  He sometimes appears to be listening to something no one else can hear, as if she is talking to him.  He appears afraid of her, even though she has never been observed to hurt him. In fact, she once destroyed an Intercrime base after TitanLil found out that an agent punched Yun in the head during a training exercise.

Diminished Senses: She only has one eye. -4 "to hit" with all ranged attacks, and -4% Detection rolls.

Lowered Intelligence: -6.  Her mind is shattered, and her behavior often appears alien.  The only telepath known to have tried reading her shattered mind said "What's left is definitely human, and that makes it worse!" before he stunned the interviewers and fled, getting lost somewhere in undeveloped China.

Willpower:  The insanity that drives her makes her physically and mentally more resilient.  She can use this for variable benefits, and also defense. PR=1 per use as defense.

Mute:  She never talks. It is unrevealed if this is a physical, or mental, deformity.

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