Friday, August 18, 2017

Fiction Friday: Horror, Kink, or Both?

Long time readers know that humans fascinate me.  From the amazing highs and despicable lows, to the quirky and the just plain weird (and weirder).  So, no surprise this image pops up here, right?

(I have no idea where this came from, 
but memo to self: never, ever, ever - no really, not ever Google "American Horror Story" again!)

I could actually see that being a real woman, and a real scene from some kind of movie. Either real horror, or real kink. I mean, lots of people have disfiguring injuries these days, and so many filmmakers need content, there are lots of opportunities for unusual body types.

Well, that and lots of people are into weird shit. I mean, there is an actual fetish/mental disorder associated with sexual attraction to having body parts removed. So, Hell, that could be a real woman acting in a niche Internet film.

Hell, the background even reminds me of "SAW" (I've seen still photos, because, you know, I'm insane enough to have Googled "SAW").

Anyway, since this is a #FictionFriday post, what derangement do you see?  

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