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Fiction Friday - Kerry the Undying

Wafiya Janna Kerry the Ever-Living

Background & Origin:  She has pegged last April 27 as the day she woke up dead. Well, not so much “dead,” as just “not alive.” She’s decided on the term “ever living,” as having a nice ring to it, since she is most definitely not “undead,” and “undying” still has a bit of negative connotation (as well as seeming to invite idiots to actually try to kill her).

She was living alone at the time, and remembers waking in the night with terrible heartburn and feeling like someone had kicked her in the chest. She had just started the tour of Europe she had promised herself since childhood, and she was not going to let a little pain slow her down.

It was a wonderful month in Europe, and she remembers the food as being so satisfying she ate almost nothing the whole time.

It was after she got home, and someone pointed out she looked exactly the same - no tan, no new muscle tone from all the walking, hair the same length despite not cutting it - as she had when she left, that she saw a doctor. 

The doctor sent her to some government research scientists.

The scientists called in some wizards. 

The wizards called in some priests.

Eventually, everyone settled on the idea that her metabolism had simply stopped; that - despite the obvious incongruity - her body still ran some critical processes like self-repair and sensory stimulus response, but was otherwise just permanently unchanging.

She had gotten on so well with the government guys that she took a job with the facility, and now sometimes moonlights as a superhero.

Combat Tactics: She is a brawler with some training and lots of practical experience. She doesn't have any special defenses against most damage forms, so she tries to out-think foes rather than go toe-to-toe.

Personality Traits: She has a public identity (it was a rather unusual Origin, even for a capes universe) and runs a video blog where she comments on current events and superhuman activity. 

(Top two items on her FAQ: “I'm not a zombie,” and “I'm not married, and not interested.”)

Appearance: 5'7", appears 130 lbs, actually 235 lbs. (High density flesh, for unrevealed reasons.)  Natural blond hair, brown eyes.

She looks exactly the same as she did when she stopped having a metabolism. She doesn't age, she doesn't tan, she doesn't scar. Changes to her hair always return to same point (she is really glad she got her hair styled, and the wax job that day, in prep for her vacation). She makes frequent use of makeup and bodypaint, because even bad ideas wash off.

Powers: If her body is altered without actually dying, e.g. haircuts, sword cuts, crushed by a boulder, etc., then everything regenerates until eventually restored to how she looked at the time of the change. 

Notes: Model Lindsay Elyse. Character by I.A. Riley, August, 2017.

This all started with a weird dream I had one morning. Mighty Protectors final release had just dropped, so I decided to see if I could model the dream.

She is a utility character with flavor. She can survive in outer space and many other hostile environments. She has damage resistance to the weirder combat attacks like Ice Powers, Devitalization Ray, and Death Touch, but remains vulnerable to the most common, such as punches, lasers and lightning bolts. I toyed with permanent Density Increase, but finally decided it really wasn't worth the hassle.

I like that her points are at an “in-between” power level, just because it's more interesting.

This also creates an odd rule violation, because under strict MP rules, there is a point cap on power levels, and to have this much Adaptation (I actually wanted a bit more), she would need to be a 225-point character. Frankly, I opted to ignore that rule, and no one seemed to care.

If I were to boost her to the 210-CP level, I'd give her Armor 3/2/1/0 (because that fills the holes her Adaptation and Invulnerability don't cover), ST +6 (improving her role as brick), CL +6 (mostly to improve initiative, but it also just makes her more likeable for public relations and such) and -2 CP from Knowledge (just because that's an easy place to pull two points from).


Wafiya Janna Kerry - Mighty Protectors

Strength 21 (Carrying Capacity 960 lbs., Basic HTH d10+1)
Endurance 24 (Save 13, Heal 3.9)
Agility 15 (Save 11)
Intelligence 18 (Save 12)
Cool 12 (Save 11, Initiative d6)

Hit Points 26
Power 78
Physical Defense 3
Mental Defense 4
Move 20
Inventing Points 9
Wealth d6
Luck 13-
Weight 235 lbs.
Total Cost Basic Characteristics (90) + Abilities (130) - Weaknesses (20) = 200

Adaptation: Asphyxiation (Doesn’t Breath), Blood Loss (Doesn’t Bleed), Disease, Low Pressure, Low Temperatures, Poison, Radiation, Sleep, Starvation, Time, Venom (45 CP)
Experience Levels: Attack +2, Defense +2, Skills +2 (20 CP)
Heightened Endurance: Fit, +6 EN, +4 IN (included above)
Heightened Strength: Strong, +10 ST (included above)
Invulnerability: Bullets damage form, Disintegration damage form, Entropy damage type (30 CP)
Knowledge: Languages (5 CP)
Luck: Luck +3 (7.5 CP)
Regeneration: 1 Hit Point per 3 hours, Modifiers: Constant, Unlimited (15 CP)
Wealth: d6 Wealth roll (2.5 CP)

Gear Pool/Inventions/Power Stunts
Punch Gauntlets - Natural Weaponry:  Attack +2, Damage +2 Blunt Kinetic, Modifiers:  Gear (-5) (5 iCP)
TBD (-10 CP)
Public Identity (-10 CP)

Combat Summary
Initiative: d6
Unarmed: Attack 16-, Damage d10+1 or d12 (avg 6.5)
Punch Gauntlets:  Attack 18-, Damage d10+3 or 3d4+1 (avg 8.5)

Boilerplate Stuff

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