Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Stop being obtuse - the GOP are worse than the DNC

If you still think "both parties are the same," then you're being an obtuse idiot.

The GOP have fallen off the "far-right" cliff a long time ago, and stopped giving a fuck about the rule of law, and care only about power for the sake of power, and money for the sake of money.

This leaves the DNC as the "rat bag" of every halfway sane and decent person who wants to enter politics.

Among other things, that means the criminal types go GOP, and the "not a criminal" types go DNC.

Are both parties backed by the ultra wealthy elitists? Duh, yes. The ultra-wealthy elitists are opportunists who will buy any politician they can. But the most buyable, and most corrupt, have gone GOP today.

As long as the GOP exists, "both parties are the same" remains a lie that apathists and cynics tell themselves to justify their apathy and cynicism.

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