Tuesday, March 13, 2018

"Pull Tab" gambling - sure why not?

So, we have Pull Tabs here in Washington State. I see places, like bars and Roadhouse, advertising them right along with Karaoke and local bands, so I figured it was some kind of entertainment thing, right?

Yeah, maybe. I never quite saw the point of gambling, myself. Except maybe to be amused by the irony of NA tribes getting their -revenge- money back and investing it into things like basic income for tribe members (ha, in 20 years all those educated NA kids are going to "steal jobs" from the white immigrants, haha).

But, it is interesting that there is a strategic value in losing bets, because that means everyone really is closer to the big jackpot. And therefore only a limited number of tickets for each "deal" are produced, and a "deal" might get scrapped early (with actual prize tickets simply being destroyed) if the big prizes get won early and people stop playing that "deal."

That kind of stuff, I do find interesting.
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