Tuesday, August 14, 2018

If buying a gun was like getting an abortion

The artificial termination of pregnancy is such a messy subject.  But, the truth is that a huge part of that mess is the sheer, unbridled hypocrisy surrounding it.

This meme does two jobs, really well. It points out how little Americans actually give a shit about life - I mean, 30 000 firearm deaths per year, yet the solution is "more guns"?  Yeah, no.

And let's not let women end unwanted pregnancies, but fuck your socialist state if you expect me to help pay to have a healthy baby born, or to raise a healthy child who doesn't turn to crime to survive?  Yeah, classic.

I mean, nothing like using a gun to murder people who provide medical support to poor women who want to stay healthy and keep their babies, right?  What could possibly be more "2018 American" than that?

"Pro-Lifers" are so full of shit, the stink reeks to Heaven and God and Jesus are offended.

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