Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Right Way to Protest

Protest makes people uncomfortable. No one wants to be uncomfortable. Protest points out that something is wrong, somewhere.

Sometimes, the wrong is real, other times it's imagined.  This history of the United States is absolutely rift with racial bias.

In the begining, there was the genocide of the Native Americans.
Then we had the import of brown-skinned people as slaves.
White people even expressed racism against other white people.

Funny thing, you know, those "anti-darkie" immigration laws keeping white people out of the country.

Newspaper illustration, circa 1910, by unknown artist. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The right way to protest is non-violence. Gandhi, for all his creepy faults, lead the country of India in non-violent protest against the British government, and the Indians regained control of their own country - peacefully and without gun-fetished war that would have resulted in tens or hundreds of thousands more deaths.

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