Tuesday, May 19, 2015

47 US Senate Assholes

So, no surprise, but it turns out that the embarassing, humiliating, borders-on-treason, letter from 47 GOP Senators to Tehran, deliberately, openly, and directly intended to undermine the sitting US President (and - they can't have been so blind - to undermine and embarrass the entire United States) was bought and paid for by Neo-Feudalist asshats.

It is now very clear that these Very Expensively Educated Neu-Feudalists are using the movie "Idiocracy" exactly the same way the use Orwell's "1984" - not as a warning, but as a strategic playbook.

Apologist Defenders

I love how apologists try to defend it.  "Oh, it's not as if 47 Senators actually sent the letter - they just posted it on a website where the entire world could see it. Not the same thing at all!"

Um, yeah, it actually is.  Especially when 47 of the highest ranking officials in the country sign on to it.  When posted publicly like that, for all intents and purposes, it speaks with the voice of authority.  It may not be legally binding, but as the Fox News asshats run their playbook, perception is reality. Sen. Cotton - or at least his staffers - could not possibly have been so dense or clueless as to think otherwise. Someone in that office had to smart enough, educated enough, and media savvy enough to get him elected, and therefore to understand.

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