Monday, May 11, 2015

Musical Monday - 2Cellos - Thunderstruck

This guys are as insane as they are brilliant.  It shouldn't be possible to do this kind of thing with cellos (okay, technically they get some audio help from other instruments, but it's a damn good show).

I love this official video for the period flavor.  It's funny. I guess they start with Vivaldi, and then go "Thunderstruck".

I love music, and I love D&D, ergo I love bards in D&D.  The blend of "hard rock" and cellos, with period costumes, is just the kind of bard I want to play - dressy, stylish, fantastically skilled, and rocking-the-fuck-out.

This one is fun, too, since it shows a bit more and we can see how much of the sound is them, separate from other instruments.

Plus, they're both gorgeous stud-muffins.

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