Friday, November 24, 2017

It's TOO EARLY to complain about having your ass grabbed!

Grabbing a woman's ass without permission is wrong.

But, seriously, "Al Franken grabbed my ass" is a seriously problematic distraction from the heinous and dangerous predators like Roy Moore, Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby and Clarence Thomas. Christ on a Crutch, four of those six have their own Wikipedia articles just for sexual assault allegations against them.

Being groped is wrong, but right now is NOT the time to distract the already easily overloaded average idiot. Remember, the average idiot is 1) confused about everything, 2) always ready to say "See, I knew it was all overblown! I can now go back to ignoring women who complain about sexual harassment!"

Look, ladies, I totally sympathize with you. I really do.  I've had my butt grabbed more times than I can remember, but get some perspective, and choose your time more wisely - this is not the right moment to complain about creepy men - we're still fighting for credibility against being raped!  I know you're struggling with this, but you have to wait, because right now YOU'RE MAKING THINGS WORSE.

(And, yes, I know I risk having my "good libtard" card revoked for this. Fuck that; I'm in this for the long game, and sometimes ethics just has to queue up and wait until the right time.)

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