Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A (political) summation of Modern America

The DNC leadership fucked up, big time, during #Electiongeddon2016 - no question about that.

The DNC is a ratbag of anyone not very nearly literally a fascist. That is a huge spectrum from "right of center" to "way far left of left," which means the DNC can't muster a common message.

Unlike, say, the GOP, which demands lockstep behavior, often amounting to whatever Fox News says that week, which makes them look more coherent. They also sell the lie that the DNC are "out of touch with Americans."

Well, duh, because your California liberal Democrats value different things than your Kansas Democrats, but the GOP always have the same message across the spectrum, and that same message is always a pile of shit, because that message is a total pile of false promises, in every state.

At the end of the day, the DNC aren't "losing" to the GOP, despite the problems of the DNC leadership - the problem is that an self-indulgent, happy-to-be-ignorant public keeps buying the bald-faced lies, false promises, and naked racism and bigotry of the GOP.

The GOP aren't fooling anyone who isn't choosing to be fooled.

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