Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mike Pence thinks men are dogs and Muslims have good ideas

Vice President of the United States of America Mike Pence thinks men are dogs and Muslims have great ideas.

So, here's the deal: Vice President Pence won't have a meal with a woman without his wife present, because you know, men only think women are good for sex and without his wife there to chaperone him, poor Mike might be unable to control his urges to fall in bed with her, if she so much as looks like a woman, instead of looking like a man.

Listen, Mike, you're kind of pathetic. Did you know many Muslims hold this same view? Well done!

Also, Mike won't attend any functions where alcohol is served. Maybe it's because his lack of self-control might lead him to drink, and you know, really fail to control his urges regarding women and he might grope someone. You know, people kind of frown on groping, so probably a good thing he choose stay away.

Or, hey, maybe I'm being unfair to poor Mike and his Evangelical beliefs. Maybe he just avoids events with alcohol, because he thinks alcohol is the root of all evil. That belief would put him in good company. There are at least a billion people in the world who avoid events where alcohol is served for exactly this reason: they're called Muslims.

You know, Mr Vice-President of the United States, this would all be resolved if you just grew up, accepted that women are people, that men really can control their own urges better than dogs can, and that grown-ups accept responsibility for their own actions.

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