Wednesday, January 24, 2018

GOP vs DNC - again

The DNC are bought by oligarchs, same as the GOP - oligarchs are opportunists, and the American political system runs on money, so duh, of course they're all bought by the same people.

However, the GOP have become the absolute haven of the morally bankrupt, greedy, selfish and mentally unstable - and their media machine has fed the flock so much Kool-Aid that the flock doesn't fucking care, and many of the flock have become just as morally bankrupt, while ironically, chanting they are the bastion of morality.

Strangely, that means the DNC is a rat bag mess of "everyone not totally corrupt enough to join the GOP" - because the US has a two-party system.

Why does the US have a two party system?  Economics - the system has become so bankrupt that only by having majority rule can anything get done.  Thus, any game theory will tell you, that there is no benefit to backing any party or organization which is not one of the "top two most likely to win."  Does that fucking suck? Yep, sure does.

But, that's also why we have ONLY the DNC and GOP as serious contenders.

Yes, there are third party groups who are worth investing in at the local level. Hell, Jesse Ventura won governorship as an Independent.  But, at the higher profile - and more expensive - offices, you're going to get the majority backing the Big Two, and it sucks shit that votes for third parties look great on paper, but don't mean squat at the end of the day.

Is that a shitty reality?  Yes, yes it is.

Now, if third parties can get decent leadership, and steal some local and state offices, thus building their higher profile, and potentially build some serious brand recognition, they can potentially draw dollars - and thus voters - toward them in sufficient numbers to matter.

Am I a DNC apologist?  Fuck off.

Do I believe in the principle of "Support the lesser evil, while constantly trading up to a better lesser evil, until there isn't any evil to have to choose from?"  Yep.  I call it bitter realism.

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