Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sorting out the Presidential Candidates 2016

Figuring out what any given candidate stands for is always a crapshoot.  

Especially with career public servants like Clinton, who  - over the course of 30 years - have been involved in so much legislation, and so many speeches, during the changing times, when social norms were different, when supporting an event turned out years later to have been a total ruse (*cough* Iraq *cough*), etc., etc.

And then you just get sociopaths like Trump, for whom words have neither meaning nor permanence, so he'll deny - on video - ever having said something he just said an hour before - and there's video - and he's in the same damn building, because the first 2016 Presidential Debate just ended, and he hasn't made it out of the building yet. Trump is the biggest flip-flopper never to have held any public office.

So, we turn to various sources, and in this case, it's Blue Virginia - "The purpose of Blue Virginia is to cover Virginia politics from a progressive and Democratic perspective." Some people will say "Democrats are Progressive anymore," and that's a different argument entirely.

Meanwhile, decide what you value, and try to figure out if your candidate supports that - even a little bit.  Some of these are brain-dead obvious, like "your employer can't fire you for taking time off for your child birth," while others are more vague, like "what the crap does 'gun control' mean, anyway?"  (I like to think it means keeping guns away from children, idiots and careless fools, but some people think kids with guns is fine.)

Ultimately, I'm hoping Trump supporters wake up and smell the bullshit, and that real conservatives vote for Johnson.

I'm voting for neither Johnson, nor Trump.

And, yes, that site was put together by lefties, so they excluded Stein, because she would not have provided such dramatic contrast (because she and Clinton are actually very similar on most issues), although she still has her own issues, and controversies, apparently particularly regarding science, which is kind of weird for a medical doctor. The bigger reason is that Stein appeals to liberals and progressives, and - while liberals want Johnson to cripple Trump, they don't want Stein to cripple Clinton (for obvious reasons, not the least of which is preventing President Trump).

Meanwhile, go verify you can vote, and get as much accurate and reliable information as you can.

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