Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Electiongeddon 2016

Because "Electiongeddon" totally needs to be a word, and I said it first.

I mean, what a fucking mess the US elections of 2016 are.

The GOP couldn't field any decent human beings in the primaries, and then got their entire party and platform hijacked by the biggest asshole conman in the world, who is now facing multiple criminal sexual harassment and rape charges, and well as numerous fraud charges, AND he's already announced his plans to burn down the GOP and launch a civil war if NOT named dictator-for-life.

The DNC had their own mess with an Independent hijacking their primaries in order to force their platform go the left (not even "hard left," just "left"!). And then a scandal when their emails got stolen (possibly by a foreign government) and made public and embarrassing as Hell airing the dirty laundry of inside horse-trading. And their nominee is both admired and reviled in equal parts, often by the same people.

And the entire mess has created a massive shake-up of one of the biggest infotainment outlets around - Fox News - as several of their female talking heads have bailed amid scandal of sexual harassment at Fox.

Electiongeddon 2016 has permanently damaged the already screwed up American election process. I mean, we at least used to have a veneer of civility and credulity, but from now on, fuck it all.

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