Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Yes, I really do want to know what you think

So, there's a thread, and this guy decides I'm "putting words into his mouth," (actually, I was trolling him with baited questions, because he wasn't saying much of anything, let alone anything informative).

And he remarks "Oh, no, just keep putting words in my mouth, because then you keep winning." (You can see why I was trying to bait him, right?) 

And my response was to explain that it's not about "winning," it's about knowing what other people think, even when I don't agree with them.

Yes, seriously. I'm abnormal that way. It's like a mental disorder that I like to hear what other people think. Well, as long as they can form proper sentences, anyway.

You ever burn time in an echo chamber? It sucks. A lot. I actually do want to know what other people think. Oh, if they're total assholes, or idiots, I'll say so, and probably walk away. If the ideas are really stupid, I'll say that too.

Most times, if the person can form complete sentences, and express ideas that aren't totally insane, then I'll just say "thank you."

I don't need to dominate a conversation to "win." I "win" by learning something new, and learning a new way to view things.  

I - that's me - win by growing.  
What a novel concept, right?

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