Friday, April 7, 2017

This Sucks

Just yesterday morning I was congratulating myself for having stayed off social media for five whole weeks. 

I was so proud of myself for changing my perspective.  For sorting out my priorities. For practicing letting the world take care of itself.  For letting go.

I was starting to think about my fiction again. I was enjoying music again, and maybe writing some cool new posts, someday. 

I was spending more time with my family, and thinking about putting up new pictures, or maybe getting some old posters (that I still carry around, because I still love them) framed and hung on the walls.  Maybe re-working the budget to buy a better (used) car.   Exercising regularly again, and getting more sleep.  

I discovered I actually can keep houseplants alive, and that I like bright flowers.

Then, the fucking universe kicked me in the face and screamed: 

"HA! HA! You can't hide! You're hard-wired to give a crap!  Rage and depression and screaming into the wind is your function! Welcome back, bitch!"

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