Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump's Syrian Distraction - 60 missiles WAS NOT APPROPRIATE RESPONSE

Shared with me:

Personally, I think President Trump gets off on ordering a billion taxpayer dollars of men and materiel to fire tens of millions of taxpayer dollars of missiles to blow the shit out of a few hundred million dollars of materiel and men, just because it strokes his ego to know people will kill people because he wants them to, and other people will worship him for it.

Yes, absolutely some response was required. 60 missiles and sending every foreign nation to DefCon Four anticipating irrational attack from our ego maniac President is NOT an appropriate response.

(Just as a reminder, President Trump paid ZERO income taxes for nearly 20 years.  So, all those "taxpayer" dollars President Trump is wanking off on blowing up?  YOUR MONEY.)

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