Friday, April 7, 2017

Rich isn't special, especially when children are starving

“We can't disrupt Barron Trump’s school life by making him move into the White House, and change schools,” like every other President’s kid has done. Like not-billionaire kids do every damn day.

“We can't expect the President to pay for security on the building where his wife and son are living,” just because they refuse to move to the White House, like every other Presidential Family has done. And nevermind he was paying for it himself, before becoming President, instead of making you pay for it.

There are homeless children starving on the streets of Seattle.
I met two of them yesterday.
They were huddled against a wall,
looking as confused and terrified as you would expect.

If you think “rich” and “celebrity” means “special” and “privileged,” if you support Trump and the GOP, then fuck you: YOU are the reason evil thrives in this world.

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