Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump Attacks Syria To Distract You

Meanwhile, Donald Trump whips out his big ego and strokes or for everyone to see. He wants the world to see how big and manly he is. He starts a goddamn fucking war with a US ally, turns the world against us, and pushes us all closer to World War III - because he can stroke his ego and 60 fucking missiles annihilate an area the size of a town.

If you support Trump and the GOP - who have waged war on humanity to feed the greed of tiny little savages like the Trump family for decades, then you can fuck off. YOU can sign up yourself and your children and your grandchildren to die for Donald’s ego, for Bannon’s Aryan Dream and to make the elitist rich richer while children starve to death. Make the world a better place: fuck off and die.

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