Monday, August 24, 2015

Musical Monday - Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

I think this is a great video. The music is fun and catchy, but even more than that, the visuals are hilarious. 

I think Ms Swift does a great juxtaposition of her "ineptitude" next to the artistic professionals, e.g. the ballerinas, the cheerleaders, the break-dancers, and even the guy does the crazy shit with his fingers. 

We laugh at her “goofing off” and “screwing up” these “simple things” and that grabs out attention so we really notice the ribbon twirler who can make that mile-long ribbon orbit around her body, or the guy whose arms have got to be made out of Silly Putty. 

She doesn't mock them – she mocks herself, forcing us to actually SEE their incredible skill.

My first encounter with this video was partial, in the "Nine Inch Nails vs Taylor Swift" mashup.

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