Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I'm Voting for Carol Gregory - Whomever the Hell she is

Carol Gregory gets my vote. Well, if I can vote for her. I'm probably not even in her district. I don't know who the crap Teri Hickel (R) is, but I like to let YouTube mix vids run, and I've suffered this vid for Teri Hickel about 9000 times. That alone is enough to chap my ass and make an enemy of me.

However, my first flag was "services, not taxes." Yeah, okay, it's been my experience the last ten years that anyone claiming "no new taxes" is a Republican selling "make rich people rich, while screwing the public" schemes that 1) don't solve the problems of the little people, 2) just don't work at all.

And then, oh yeah, buried right up there at the front is the "(R)" that reveals she does officially have a party affiliation, but she knows that particular affiliation is toxic crap in Western Washington, so she's trying to hide it.

Oh, and notice the iconic and mandatory "Show my candidate in bright colors, smiling, with her family," while showing her opponent in harsh black-and-white, looking grumpy or angry, and standing alone, like some kind of nutjob stalker."

That last bit is just standard commercial design, but it's illustrative of how you - as the viewer - need to learn to separate the message from the packaging.

"Unconstitutional budget"?  Really. That's a big claim, without substantiation, and a massively loaded word to the "state's rights" and "Obama is out to throw us all in camps" loons.

"Paid for by": Chick Named Icarus Tired of Suffering Teri Hickel's YouTube Advert

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