Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lowest Gov't Spender - So Says Forbes

Forbes is generally considered a "conservative" publication. If they're going to run data making the Republican high-rollers look bad, then any reasonable person has to take it seriously, and credibly.

Just by paying attention, I've long know that the Republicans are the "slash taxes, spend money" party.  Note, that this is direct contrast to their "tax and spend" propaganda they demonize the Democrats with.

See, I'd much rather have "tax and spend" Democrats in charge of things, than the "cut revenue and spend money we don't have" Republicans.

It's not rocket surgery. It's just paying attention to what's really going on.

One of the things "really going on" is the conservative media spinning piles of emotionally loaded stories, that are clearly one-sided persuasive arguments meant to convince the listener to a point of view.

One you realize the "news" people are selling you something more than just the facts, then you can start dissecting what they are selling, and realize that sales pitch is just bullshit, just like every sales pitch is bullshit.

Once you smell the bullshit, the obvious question is "If that's what they're selling, and it smells like bullshit, the real truth must be something very much like the opposite."

Then, you go out and discover "Yep, it's the opposite."

Welcome to the really, real world.

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