Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Stupid meme burns - two wrongs do not make a right, you moron

Mocking the meme: So, you're saying "two wrongs make a right."

Because we're not going to talk about how to stop "baby killers," then we're not going to talk about how to stop grade-school murderers (Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook), or high school murderers (Columbine), or partier murderers (Orlando Pulse Nightclub), happen to be too close to the building murderers (Robert Dear), or church murderers (Dylann Roof) or murderers of people just watching a Batman movie (Aurora)

Oh, yeah, you're so "pro-life," aren't you?.

No, you're not. You're so anti-abortion you've become the very thing you congratulate yourself on hating - someone who condones murder in the name of selfish "my emotional needs trump your rights."

You're an idiot.

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