Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The GOP National Convention - America has gone off the rails

I wasn't going to post. I wasn't. I was going to stay a way and ride out this whole fucked up political season. I was. But, OMFG! Come on!

The Republican National Convention has gone completely off the rails. These people are an embarrassment to the very concept of civilization. The Convention has literally turned into a totally disorganized circus show.

NO ONE has any control over anything, and especially no one has any control over their candidate - who bloody well shows every two minutes that he not only lacks impulse control, but he thinks impulse control is something that doesn't apply to him!

The entire lie-riddled unscripted-for-TV black comedy (that's a term meaning "evil, sinister, deranged, maligned, people-get-hurt" comedy, and not a racist remark, just for those illiterate tits who didn't know) was a train wreck to endure.

It's an absolute mockery of American politics. No, worse, it's a literal mocumentary of American politics.

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