Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Stupid memes: Gummit controls your life

Well, you know, that whole gummit by the people, for the people, trying to protect people from other people thing.

I mean, really, can't have slum lords building shit houses and letting people die when they fall over, right? Who'd want that?

Don't want crazy people putting sharp objects near people's throats, right? I mean, that worked out so well for Sweeney Todd's clients, right?

Don't want just everyone fishing, all the damn time, and wiping out all the fish, so there aren't any next year, right?

I mean, hey, fucking gummit, telling other people they have to respect my rights. I'll just run down to the sporting goods store and buy myself a $600 AR-15 - Hell, ain't no gummit regulations stopping me!

That way, if anyone tries to overfish the river, I'll just shoot 'em. Before they shoot me, right?

Fucking stupid meme. "Gummit" ain't the damn enemy. It's the oligarchs hiding behind their corporate paper shields and using YOUR gummit as their enforcement arm that's the damn problem.

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