Friday, July 29, 2016

When Liberals bully Liberals

I'm resharing this not so much because of his advocacy of the candidate, but because he calls out the fucked up bullshit of the vitriolic, aggressive, threatening and violent stupidity with which bullies and assholes descend to express the irrational depths of their loathing for the candidate.

No, seriously, people - especially women - are getting bullied for wanting to support a candidate this year. (Any candidate, really, but especially for supporting the woman candidate.)

Yes, all the candidates kinda suck! But - especially the "liberals" - need to remember we're supposed to better than the thugs and troglodytes on the other team.

"Liberals" are doing a damn fine job this year of acting indistinguishable from the trolls, trogs and thugs they've been congratulating themselves on being better than. Which suggests that deep down, all humans suck.

Having said that - I am very grateful that my G+ community consists largely of people who are articulate and intelligent, in addition to being passionate.

We're all passionate. But, I thank you for also being able to rise above that and remember that there is more to life than just arguing mindless over ... well... anything . I mean, Just Bieber is still making music! Bleah!

(Hey, check it out! I discovered how to embed G+ posts into Blogger posts! I love new toys...)

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