Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Corporate Monopolies benefit the oligarchy

This image makes me think of three things:

  • My back aches just looking at her (although props to her maintaining her diet regimen for that figure), and,

  • Reading the history the "Flying A" brand is like reading the decline of Western civilization - corporate consolidation all over the place, and fuck capitalism, because monopolies are good for the oligarchs.

  • The history of the "pin-up" girl is interesting, from a social perspective, if not necessarily enlightening ("Ooooh, men like to ogle women and just can't control their hormones! Big surprise!"). Anyway, here is a fun history. How do I know it's fun? Because the opening paragraph contains the sentence "Anthropologists are unsure if they symbols of fertility or erotic talismans passed around by horney hunters."  (And it actually is a good read, because it's informative, doesn't screw around, despite the opening, and is just fun to see the glimpse into history provided by this artform.)

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