Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Jill2016 - in way over her head

I need a cartoonist to help me with this.

Great Cthulu rises from the depths, mashing the landscape.
His hand descends to grab some tiny object from the ground.
He stomps across the landscape.
The monster behemoth stops before two other giant figures. The three titans glare at each other:
- Cthulu;
- A cheap and pitted skyscraper with bad hair;
- A column of fire, with shattered military hardware at the base, and bad hair

Cthulu straightens a toppled pedestal and places a tiny human figure on top, presented before the other titans.
The view changes.
The tiny human figure  has a a floating bubble reading "Jill2016."
Cthulu has writing on his arm reading "The Berned."
Cthulu says "Okay, round two."

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