Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I'm not "one of those people" so stick around for the ride

You know you're going to Hell for reading my blog, right?

I mean, in our binary morality nation, reading a blog by someone who thinks Trump is a champion circus leader, thinks Clinton is qualified to be President, thinks Sanders is a saint for mobilizing the masses, wants to hear Jill Stein debate Clinton, thinks we should tax the rich and gay people should be allowed to visit each other in the hospital. I mean, has your head exploded yet?

I mean, I just said something nice about Trump AND Clinton AND Sanders AND Stein.  Is that even allowed??

Real life isn't binary right vs wrong.

How many of your co-workers think you're a pervert for having tried oral sex? You know you liked it, too, you perv.

I don't think like normal people. Don't try to pidgeon hole me, because that's a rude disservice to me, because you're wrong.

If you really just can't live with yourself unless you unfriend me, because I'm "one of those people," well, then I'm going to miss you. Especially since your voice is one I really want to hear, because the only way I'm going to grow is by hearing different points of view. I hate living in an echo chamber. It's fucking boring.

And besides, come January we're all going to have a new President and we're all going to bitch about the dumb things that she - or he - is doing. So, let's just ride this shit out together and keep having fun, right?

Who knows - maybe through discourse and dialogue of sometimes disagreeable ideas we'll figure out how to solve all the world's problems.

Stranger shit has happened.

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