Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Destroy colleges - breeding grounds of liberals

So, we've known since Reagan began the war on colleges and grade-schoolers that the GOP had figured out that the less educated are easier to control. Bush upped the ante with "no child left behind," and Trump wore the fucking lampshade with "I love the uneducated!"

Turns out that education makes people liberal thinkers, and college education makes them more so. Thus, it becomes obvious why the GOP block efforts to reduce the cost of college education, and why they make people afraid to be on college campuses by letting people carry guns on campus.

It's not rocket science, merely social science, and class warfare.

Ergo, it also becomes obvious why the GOP want more guns on college campuses - hey, you know, scaring quality educators and intelligent students away from colleges means less education, and easier to control sheeple.

And while we're at it, let's also sell the idea that college education is a waste of time and money - 

Because, you know, that's really the only reason to go to college, right?  To have more money?  Because money is the root of all happiness, right?  At least, that's the line of bullshit we're sold every day. 

I mean, hey, let's have those kids go out and get jobs, instead of getting educated.  Because, we all know that blue collar, high school graduates, with no unions to protect them, are easier to control.

...which is my whole fucking point.

So, go to college. Get smarter. Become a liberal.

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