Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I'm not Taylor Swift; I'll tell you when I'm pissed at you

Taylor Swift has now become infamous for her "revenge songs," where she apparently tells old friends and boyfriends how much she hates them by selling a million copies of a pop song about how she's mad at someone.

I won't do that with a blog post. If I want to tell you that you're being a wanker, I'll tell you and move on.

If you've been a wanker, I may wax philosphical based on the experience, and make a philosophical blog post, but don't flatter yourself that somehow I'm being passive-aggressive toward YOU.

I'm deeper and more complex than that. I'm capable of choosing to tell you off, or choosing to drop it, and then still reflect on it and tell the world about some human behavior (not someone's behavior) that I think is stupid.

Moving on now.

(Taylor Swift is a bloody good singer, though.)

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