Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why burning bridges before Inauguration Day is stupid

On Friday, January 20, 2017, the United States of America, and ALL her citizens shall have a new President.

If you don't hate that person on day one, give it a few months, because you're going to hate that person eventually. 2016 is that kind of year.

However, that person will be President. And if you're a citizen, that person will be YOUR President.

That's how it works. You don't get to claim “Not MY President,” because yeah, that's how it works. You don't want that person to be your President? Then renounce your citizenship and move.

You know, like Rush Limbaugh and Ted Nugent did. Oh, right. Whatever.

This is important, because right now - August 2016 - friends and family are breaking up because “Candidate X is evil!”

You know why that breakup is really fucking stupid?

Because in January, you’ll both have the same damn President, but you won't have each other.

Yep. In January, one of you - maybe both of you - will have a President other than the one you wanted. For FOUR YEARS. That's how it works.

And come February, you won't have your friend, or family member, to commiserate with, the way you used to, bitching about what a disappointment/dictator President Obama turned out to be, about how you were wrong/right all along?

Yeah, remember those good old days of protesting together and trying to figure how out to get Rep Paul Ryan to quit being an asshole and start/stop blocking some new initiative by that great hero/villain Rep Nancy Pelosi?

Yeah, but you broke up over some childish fight over which was the real Anti-Christ, Trump or Clinton.

Well, guess what. Someone will be President in January 20, and then the world will move on.

Arguing and debating and discussing? That's healthy adult behavior.

Burning bridges today over it is simply fucking stupid.

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