Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ethical Double Standards of So-called Conservatives

Trump followers and the GOP in general have long-held a double standard.  

For example, the GOP faithful loathe, loathe, loathe Bill Clinton for sleeping around.  Yet, he never bragged about it.  In contrast, Trump has bragged repeatedly about his philandering, because, you know, it shows how manly he is.  Trump is so manly, he's on his third wife - unlike Hillary and Bill Clinton who married only each other, and stayed that way.

Here's a really hot example, because it got flogged again at the Sept. 26 Presidential Debate.
  • Trump's business dealings unethical but not illegal? Oh, well.
  • Clinton's mail server unethical but not illegal? Burn her at the stake!

What was done with the infamous "Clinton mail server" was not technically illegal. Trump supporters should understand the distinction between legal - after all, Trump hasn't paid any personal income tax despite "being worth billions," which is technically legal - and unethical or incompetent, but somehow this distinction seems to elude so many people (especially Clinton haters);

The GOP managed to "lose" as many as FIVE (5) MILLION EMAILS - and apparently there was only ONE (1) Congressional investigation - not to be confused with the EIGHT (8) investigations of the Clinton mail server (which made for good publicity for the GOP witchhunters, but was a fuckwank of taxpayer dollars).

This "loss" of FIVE MILLION public records (remember, the American people pay the salaries of those public officials, therefore they work for US, therefore we own those emails that they "lost") is unbelievably unethical, yet somehow managed to avoid much legal action (because, you know, "the system is corrupt"). q.v.


Sorry, luv, the facts are on my side, whether you want to accept that, or not.

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