Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Trump's ideas are like his hands: Small

And that precisely nails the reason I want to yell at people who say dumb things like "Clinton voted to kill Syrians, but Trump never did!" Well, duh, but do you really want to find out how many Syrians he will vote to murder, because he can make a buck off it? 

This is the "billionaire" asshole who spends $55K of campaign donations to buy his own book, and probably kept the royalties in violation of Federal law. (The royalties on a few thousand books is zero to a real billionaire). 

This skinflint thinks small; he won't mind shipping a few thousand land mines to Syria if an arms manufacturer kicks back a few thousand bucks.

Trump is - and always has been - a con man - and not a very good one, either.

(And just so we're clear: I'm not denying Secretary Clinton's policies got Syrians killed. So don't even fucking run off on some bullshit tangent about Clinton, since this post is about Trump.)

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