Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Trump Bumps on the Backs of Chumps

What the shit? I go offline for five minutes and Trump’s polls get a bump and Clinton gets poisoned by Trump apologists trying to validate their conspiracy lies of her “poor health.” Coincidence combined with conspiracy theory? 

Yeah, it really is, but the timing annoys the fuck out of me.

Trump has absolutely zero qualifications for President. None. Every living President - meaning the men who have done the damn job - say he is unqualified. You can't be a better judge than having done the damn job.

Also, anyone who bothers to use her (or his) fucking brain can tell that Trump is totally unqualified to run a business, let alone run a government. He's playing everyone for chumps.

The pile of reasons to disqualify Trump are long, sundry, and would pile up higher than his debt (which, by the way is at least hundreds of millions of dollars, not including the back taxes he continues to dodge ).

BFD that Clinton got exhausted on the campaign trail. Shit happens. She can still do the damn job better than anyone else in the contest. (There may be others - NOT TRUMP - less ethically challenged than Clinton, and they may be better qualified than Trump, but they still aren’t 1/20th as qualified to do the damn job.)

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