Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Generation Columbine: May the Pyre Long Burn

It's rare that such backlash against one agency happens so "suddenly." I suspect the true case is one of a long, slow burn.

Generation Columbine knows full well how the NRA have thrown them under the bus, with lies and promises of magical security, if only there were more guns. More guns has only ever produced more deaths.

Generation Columbine recognizes the madness of a POTUS who benefited from the NRA spending $30 million to help get him elected spending his entire first year of his administration de-funding and undermining schools and education, suddenly finding money to put more guns in schools.

Maybe it was the part about school shooting survivors counseling the #Parkland kids in real time via Twitter.

Maybe it was the eloquent Emma Gonzalez (@emma4change #emma4change) whose words were the final kerosene in the slow burning fire in the bellies of Generation Columbine - a generation who has never known a word where they didn't need to fear being murdered in school.

The pyre has been lit. May the fire long burn.

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