Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Smell the Nazi Fart


That's the root problem, isn't it? I bet the consistent complainer is reading the reddit forums where white assholes discuss "calling police as a way to harass people of color and get away with it." All with the goal of chasing people of color off that campus, leaving it for the snowflakes.

I'm sure part of the new Nazi agenda is using "harassment by cop" as a way to further deepen the distrust and conflict between people of color and cops.  Because, you know, cops kinda hate Nazis, too, so it's Nazis playing their enemies against each other.

The new Nazis are not all stupid, and most of them can read.  The same old problem is that the same old sociopaths are using the stupid ones as weapons.

So, yeah, the University needs to have an investigation into "chronic complaints" to protect their reputation, to protect their students, and to protect the University police, too. They need to make it clear "harassment by cop" itself is a crime.

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