Tuesday, May 29, 2018

How important is a fast reply to text messages?

My retort to this blog posting. And I'll be frank, this came out of a fight I just had with a friend who got pissy that someone hadn't responded to every single text for 12 hours.  Okay, it was just a handful, but 12 hours later, the reply came back, failed to address every single text, and it had been twelve  hours, because "No one waits 12 hours to reply to text!"  Um, yeah, for example, *I* do. Except with friends that I know have serious damage - and get pissy - about not getting fast replies. 

So, the linked post, ...

On the one hand, amusing. On the other hand, I'm not going to be a slave to the gadget in my pocket. I'm not going to sacrifice my life for async experiences, where huge chunks of time are wasted waiting for a response. If it's important, CALL ME. At least, then I have a full bandwidth conversation, in real-time, instead of splitting my focus with having to type at 1/8 the speed I can talk constantly interrupting whatever is going on around me, for example playdate with my niece or nephew at the park.

That means, if it takes me days, or never, to reply to your text message, that I'm not a fan of text messages, and it has nothing to do with how much I care about you. Text messages are convenient for async leave-me-a-message-and-I-will-reply.

Text messages are not "real-time," in any sense of the phrase. Text messages are time wasters on a scale that Faceborg can't hope to compete.

So, "what it actually means"? Not a damn thing, unless you want to measure servitude to a gadget, or servitude to people who can't be bothered to call you, or drive to meet you somewhere.

How Long A Person Takes To Text You Back And What It Actually Means

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