Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Male. Nerd. Snowflakes. - Please Grow Up

Ah, male nerd snowflakes.  

"Oh, no! A male comic book villain is now played by a woman in the movie!  Fucking Feminazis ruin all my childhood nerdboy memories!"

Really?  Seriously, snowflake, if you're that sensitive, the problem is not with the people who made the film, manchild: the problem is you.


And then, when you read the comments on the OP, it becomes even more clear, that it's a nerdboy problem, because Ghost was an Iron Man villain, so

"Oooooh, horror!  They ported an Iron Man villain into an Ant Man movie and ruined the movie before I've even seen it!"

Oh, for fuck's sake.  Grow up.

On a final note:

I am so fucking seeing this movie in theaters :-)

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