Friday, April 17, 2015

Fictional Friday: Whom to Save in the ZomPoc

When the ZomPoc arrives, here is the order of priority of people to protect. Remember, the long-term goal is to save the human race, and the short-term goal is to keep the humans alive long enough to be saved. It’s a small, but vitally important distinction.
  • Farmers (society needs a foundation, and the canned peaches won't last forever);
  • Medical professionals (doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, etc., etc.);
  • All other Doctors (this is the PhD group, and variants on the lettering, e.g. JD [lawyers], since this group is your reliable source of knowledge and solutions, e.g. history and the lessons that can be salvaged from it, and it's going to be the biochemists, not the medical doctors, that find the cure to the ZomPoc);
  • Engineers, Artisans and Artists (you need engineers to design your fortifications and electrical power plants, artisans to actually build them, and artists to keep the people motivated and your oral history alive, since the paper is going to run out eventually, and unless your electrical engineers really have their shit together, you can totally forget about computers);
  • Everyone else (warriors like to think they are important, but they are important only in the small picture of the daily grind, since warriors alone won't keep the soul of society alive, won't rebuild the infrastructure, and won't find the cure, thus won't be the salvation of humanity, even as they die every day to make sure humanity lasts long enough to be salvaged).

Here is a basic question to ask yourself: “If there was no gasoline, and no electricity, what would I do to contribute to society?” If you've got no answer, then when the ZomPoc comes, some warrior is going to recruit you as cannon fodder, or some farmer is going to recruit you to plow, so you might want to bone up on your chemistry or carpentry, so you can get a job away from the front lines ;-)

Contrary to popular belief, the function of warriors is not to kill things, it is to keep people alive. This is often best served by killing the enemy, but warriors that lose focus get themselves killed, and fail in their primary function of defending others. Many people misunderstand this. True warriors serve the greater good, not esteem themselves as the greater good itself.

And just for the record, this came from a friend of mine. He blessed my reposting of it (understanding someone my steal it), but strangely insisted I leave his name off.  People are funny ;-)


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