Friday, April 10, 2015

Fictional Friday: Just Finish the Damn Book

Finished works might be found by their audience, but unfinished works never are.

Or, put another way, "Just finish the damn book."

I think I made up the first one, but maybe not. The second one was by Cherry Adair, an accomplished novelist, whom I saw at a discussion panel hosted by the Pierce County Library staff several years ago. That one simple phrase really stuck with me. (Made a point to write down her name, and then go find my notes to include it here; very rude disservice to quote her without credit.)

The point here is that if you are an artist - written or otherwise - then at some point you owe it to yourself, and everyone who stood by you while you created the art, to SHARE it with the world.

Even if your artistic soul never feels it's "my best work," you're screwing yourself and everyone by hiding it.

If you're never going to "finish" it, then at least release it so people can see it.

Hell, some of the best Hollywood blockbusters started off as good ideas in bad clothing that someone else finished or polished and became wonderful art.

But, of course, the best thing to do is to finish it yourself. Put a shine on it, tidy up the loose ends, call it your own, and send into the world.

There is an audience out there that wants to experience what you have created. Don't be a selfish tit and sit on it. Give us your finished artwork, and let us enjoy it.

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