Monday, April 20, 2015

Musical Monday: DRINK! - Alestorm


Okay, totally a D&D song.  Tell me you can't see every adventuring party ever in history singing this song at some point.  Player characters get silly, they get rowdy, they get wonky.

I have mixed feelings about the classic sexism, but fuck it, it's all part of the joke.  I do like the punchline that they've "civilized" the bastard at the end.  (And, seriously, one of those "refined ladies" has a serious tattoo - you just know she's a reformed rogue or retired adventuring cleric hiding out in "civilized society.")

But, really, it's just got a good old D&D rumpus kind of sound and feel and absurd premise.  It's like the classic Discworld Dwarf song "Gold! Gold! Gold!"

Anyway, it's funny.

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