Monday, April 13, 2015

Batting 4000!

Holy Cow!  4000 page views for Icarus Rants!

It is human nature to enjoy feedback - we're hardwired that way. We like positive feedback, but in the absence of positive feedback, we'll wallow in negative feedback - simply because it's feedback (in which case it's a cross-purpose, since the animal brain wags its tail at all feedback, but the human ego can be crushed by negative feedback).

One of the fun ways to torture myself (and I understand I'm not alone in this) is by looking at the Google stats for my blog.  

The Google people are all about data collection (it's a search engine, after all), so they've got piles and piles of stat data.

Thank you for helping make this blog a fun ride!!

I'm a lucky lady, in that the feedback I get is very positive, including the accelerating success of Being Seen.

view count days
days (total) views per day
during the period
posts (delta) posts (total) views per post (total average)
1000 94 94 10.6 85 85 11.8
2000 72 166 13.9 52 137 14.6
3000 34 200 29.4 28 165 18.2
4000 21 221 47.6 16 181 22.1

I used the super-handy tool at Tables Generator to make the HTML for this page, after I mocked it up on Excel.  (Normally, I prefer Google Sheets or OpenOffice Calc to Microsoft Excel, but in this one instance, I blasphemed and used Excel.)

If I really knew how to use Excel (or any spreadsheet), then I could put all this into a pretty graph showing this crazy steep curve that any skater would love to do stunts on.

I have a suspicion this kind of growth is unsustainable for a small blogger like me, but OTOH, this is the Interweb where hitting a tipping point can result in instant popularity. 

Of course, while searching for tales of overnight success on the Interweb, I ran into this story about how - just like winning the lottery, or getting doxxed by a jackass/sicko/madman - the emotional roller-coaster and invasion of privacy can destroy your life. 

So, um, now I'm torn. Do I want to have mega-popularity so my subversive goal of getting people to use their brains sneaks out into the world?

Or do I want to remain small-time and anonymous, because popularity is potentially dangerous?

Well, shit.

I'm still super-excited about 4000 page views!  That means you guys like me!

Thank you for helping make this blog a fun ride!!


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