Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Old Posts Need Love #1

I was going through my old posts, and I'm proud of everything I have written (and very proud of some of it).

Here are some oldies, but goodies, that haven't gotten as much love as I think they deserve.

Lord, grant me the strength to enlighten those who will listen, and ignore the rest, because I have better things to do

One of my many "stupidity annoys me" rants, with some good scientific flavoring.

Can't Vote? Blame a Republican

This is an ongoing issue.  For well over a decade, the GOP have been flogging the bogeyman of fraudulent voting, and then strained like crazy to find any examples of it.  As I recall, the one or two examples they did find, were a small handful of votes, and - whoa, no way! - black people.

Not to be confused with the dozens of cases of white people  doing "voter registration drives" and then tossing all the ones marked Democrat (which is not illegal, but is extremely unethical and immoral, because it's called lying), or making fraudulent registrations (which is illegal).

When really, the entire function of "voter ID" laws is really to stop "the wrong kind of people" from voting (like  tens or hundreds of thousands of lawfully eligible voters blocked from their Constitutional right to vote).

Abortion (Y/N?) is not a valid question, you asshole

A basic root cause argument. Like "making feeding homeless people stops people being from being homeless, right?"  or "make drugs illegal, and people magically stop wanting drugs, right?"

Anti-Troll: Avoid Pointless Fights With Friends

This is true in daily life, as well as in social media.  It becomes so easy to knee-jerk argue about everything, when often, there is no point, nor value, in arguing, and doing so just creates conflict where it serves no purpose and benefits no one.

Musical Monday - "Wrong Side of Heaven" - Five Finger Death Punch

Military veterans deserve so much more than they receive. This is a powerful vid.


In hindsight, there isn't a lot of theme here among these oldie-but-goodie posts.  Maybe for the "Old posts need love 2" I'll do a theme.


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