Thursday, May 26, 2016

President Trump: Victory by default

President Trump. I can see it. I'm going to throw up now.

Clinton vs Sanders.

It doesn't fucking matter what the corporatist infotainment media says - they gin up controversy just for the ratings, even without dirtwags like O'Keefe or O'Reilly or the farce bag "reporting" at Fox.

This isn't an issue of "ideology," it's an issue of "idiot-ology," where stupidity is the most powerful force in the universe (history proves this) and people who should be paying attention, learning to negotiate, and not entrenching into passionate ignorance, because being angry feels good (science has proven this), are bickering like vitriolic sociopaths. And i don't mean the candidates. Too many of the  "liberal, progressive, we're-supposed-to-be-the-fucking-good-guys" are acting in the same petty, child-tantrum ways we've rightly mocked the Trumpettes and rabid GOP-'til-I-die fools for years

Bugger the mass media! All I have to do is read the goddamn  memes - the polarized supporters are already so decisively split that moderates will stay home just to avoid getting caught up in a fist fight among "liberals."

The Trump supporters will sell tickets to the fights and laugh their fucking asses off, because somehow THEY now have the moral high ground?? OMFG.

I'm going to start drinking now, since we don't have off-world colonies yet, and just get it over with.

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