Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bigots wasting my time corroding my brain

So, of course there's a lot of antisemitism here on social media, just as there is petty bigotry about everything. I know it's all bullshit, so I ignore it.

But, I discovered recently that mere exposure is corrosive. I was having a lovely conversation with a person who turned out to be from Israel.

*BAM* turns out all that corrosive exposure I'd been ignoring left potholes all over my fucking brain, and suddenly I'm finding myself loaded with negative feelings toward this person for no reason at all.

So, now, like potholes in the road, I'm having to consciously review my head and consciously repair the damage, so I can get back to be a normal human being capable of judging individuals on their personal merits.

And really this applies toward any petty bigotry.

Frankly, if I were "the Jews," I'd have invented the Zionists to keep the conspiracy theorists running down rabbit holes. And if I were the Zionists, I'd invent the Rosicruxians, and if I were the Rosicruxians, I'd invent the Knights Templar, and if I were the Knights Templar, I'd invent the Illuminati, and if I were the Illuminati, I'd invent the Teletubbies, Harry Potter, and Barney the Purple Dinosaur. And pretty soon we're left with "Help us Obi-Wan Mulder. You're our only hope!"

"But, but, but how does any of that explain the Chinese and the Indians who are poised to displace all the Euro-trash superpowers within the next 30 years??" I hear you spluttering.

And kablooey goes the whole fucking bubble.

Frankly, if you're so far down rabbit hole that you can't fit the Chinese into it, then chances are the "evil villain" you're heroically chasing  at the bottom of the hole isn't a wolf spider or nest if vipers, but just a rabbit laughing at you.

Fucking asswipe time-wasting moron bigots.

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