Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I like NPR - the last bastion of intelligent journalism

It concerns me when I hear people describe NPR as "too liberal." A number of studies have shown that NPR, by and large, walks a very fine line balancing the various "sides." They have to, since Congress controls their funding, and a perceived bias is a problem, let alone a real bias.

The point I'm getting to: how skewed have our perceptions become of "liberal" or "conservative" media that a properly balanced outlet is perceived as biased? In my worldview, this says that the elitist elements are winning the war on our perceptions and convincing us that "Right is right," or (and I prefer this one) our own natural filters of what we like and dislike are interfering with our ability to actually hear what is being said. By the latter, I mean if I prefer stories with a bias, then exposure to those without my bias will chaff my butt, and I will presume a bias on the broadcaster even when none exists.

(Note, I refer to them as "elitists" since, in my considered opinion, these elements are purely opportunistic more than either progressive or conservative, and therefore neither appellation is the proper one to use.) 

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  1. I like NPR as the last bastion of American journalism.

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