Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tax the rich to feed the babies - THAT's "pro-life"

Let's smash a couple of offensive statistics together.

First, is the meme - 0.05% of the workforce sucking up 11.3% of the national income. That's offensive.

Now, try this one on for size: "WIC serves 53 percent of all infants born in the United States".  (And no, you can't use WIC to buy alcohol - in fact, there's actually a really limited list of things you are allowed to buy.)

More than half of all infants in the US require taxpayer assistance in order that their families can feed them. That's not "freebies" - that's doing what Jesus required of us: Taking Care of Each Other.  (Oh, plus their parents still pay taxes, either before or after needing assistance, so it's like they're getting their money back.)

Now, let's go back to the 11.3% of national income soaked up by a handful of people. Imagine if those 0.05% stopped taking tax deductions and actually paid their fair share of taxes (you know, like 39%).

Would they suffer? Oh, fuck no. At some point, as a friend of mine says, it stops being about money and just being about showing off who has the bigger penis.

So, if they paid their taxes, then 100% of all US newborns could have health insurance and nutritious food, and a good education.

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