Wednesday, December 21, 2016

From Obama to Trump - how did Americans lose their fucking minds?

I'm doing this as a blog post, because I want to capture it for permanence. By putting it here, instead of on the noise stream of G+, it is easier to find. I want to make my views on "President Elect Apparent Trump" very, very, very fucking clear (as if somehow anyone could possibly have missed all of my posts about Trump in the last two years).

How to appraise the presidency of Barack Obama as the specter of President Trump looms? The clearest way to reconcile the two perspectives is to understand how Obama’s presidency, and all that it accomplished, could have led to the election of Trump. I think there are basically two tweet-length explanations:

1. America elected a black man president, and about half the country proceeded to lose its goddamn mind.

2. The white working class realized that the American dream is a sham. Then a con artist promised to restore it, and they bought the con.

60 million people lost their fucking minds, or went total selfish apeshit off the rails. It doesn't fucking matter.  Christopher Hayes summed it up nicely in the above quote.

Go read the original piece and form your own opinions.

I'm still trying to get past the "I want to punch 60 million fucking morons in the face" part. Maybe I'll get there in 10 years, if human civilization is still around.

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